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As Close To Natural As We Can Get

Why Milkshake?

We looked at all the “names” you see on the high street, but they just didn’t excite us. We then came across Italian brand Milkshake and were wowed by their ethos and amazing range straight away!  


All Milkshake hair products are made with a mix of professional ingredients, including milk protein and fruit extracts, that are quite literally, food for your hair. Not only does the Milkshake range give your hair incredible shine, it smells heavenly. We also love the fact that Milkshake are a sustainably conscious brand and their bottles are made from recyclable plastics.

The philosophy of Milkshake is to create products that use the power and beauty of nature to get fabulous looking hair for any occasion. Whether you are wanting to give your hair a healthy boost, or add some stunning colours to your locks, the Milkshake range will not disappoint.  What's more, If you are struggling with dry and damaged hair and need to restore it’s health or add shine and volume, Milkshake products can help transform your hair.

All our clients are loving the Milkshake range, but we want everyone to love it! If you haven’t had your tresses tended by us before, why not make an appointment at the Headspace hair salon and see the difference in your hair for yourself.

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